What Comes With a 360 Photo Booth?

Our 360 photo booth, often used at events, parties, and weddings, comes packed with what you need to get up and running quickly.

Platform: The centerpiece is a circular platform where guests stand. This platform can be stationary or motorized to spin guests, depending on the model. We will add your logo to the platform for no additional cost.

360 Photo Booth

Camera Mount and Arm: A sturdy arm extends from the base of the booth, with a mount at the end designed to hold a camera or a smartphone. This arm may rotate around the platform to capture footage from all angles.

Props: We throw in a ton of extra props you can use.

360 Photo Booth Accessories

Control Remote: It allows the operator to control the speed of rotation, start and stop recording, and adjust other settings.

Lighting: Includes an LED ring, to ensure subjects are well-lit from all angles.

Flight Carry Case: This carry case makes it easy to transport your 360 photo booth machine.

360 Photo Booth Flight Carry Case

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